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Open Enrollment for the 2018-2019 Plan year will begin August 1 and end August 31, 2018. Effective date of coverage is October 1, 2018.
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Open Enrollment  for the 2017-2018 Plan Year Ended August 31, 2017

When is my insurance effective?
For Open Enrollment: October 1, 2017
In most circumstances as a new employee or due to a Qualifying Mid-year Event, your insurance is effective the 1st day of the month following the date you submit your enrollment form.  One exception to this rule is childbirth.  In this case, the effective date of coverage for the newborn would be the day he/she was born.

What if I need to change my enrollment after Open Enrollment?
Open Enrollment is the only time you can change your enrollment in the health insurance, unless you experience a Qualifying Mid-Year Event (QME) that allows you to change your elections mid-year.
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What do I do if I need to change my address or name after I enroll?
Please complete this form and send it to Benefits via interoffice mail. TLCDataPersonalChangeForm

If I leave employment, when does my insurance terminate?
If you resign in the middle of the school year, your insurance coverage will terminate at the end of the month that you leave employment.
If you are a 10-or 11-month employee and you resign at the end of the school year (completing your contract), your insurance coverage will continue until the end of August.
If you are a 12-month employee and you have completed your contract, your insurance coverage will continue until the end of July.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for instructions to login into your Anthem/TLC account –  Website instructions

Special Programs


FUTURE MOMS-Excellent program for expectant mothers who are enrolled in one of The Local Choice insurance plans. Click here for Details

Financial – Hospital Copay is waived for KA Expanded and KA 250 members if you complete the program.  See the Benefit Comparison (below) for details.

Support – Health Coach, 24Hour Nurse Line, Prenatal Book and materials, Postpartum support.

FREE FLU SHOTS – At Participating Pharmacies and coming soon to your school

WELLNESS and PREVENTATIVE –Click here for Details

2017-2018 Plan information and forms

Enrollment Form (Use this form to Waive coverage, too.)
2017-2018 RATE SHEET
2017-2018 Benefit Comparison
TLC Key Advantage Expanded Benefit Summary
TLC Key Advantage 250 Benefit Summary
TLC HDHP BenefitSummary
TLC Dental Flyer
TLC Delta Dental Brochure
Employee Assistance Program
Live Health Online Flyer
Take Care Package Flyer
Blue View Vision Flyer

Summary of Benefits and Coverage(SBC):


Visit these websites for more information:

Enrolled in the HDHP plan?
You must have a Health Savings Account at   Union Bank to receive your Employer Contributions
cid:image002.jpg@01CAA0D6.D6303710Full-time HSA Employer Contribution = $150.00

Part-time HSA Employer Contribution = $50.00
For Pre-Tax Employee Contributions to be withheld from your paycheck, please complete this
HSA Deposit Authorization  form and send it via interoffice mail to “Benefits”.

Contacts (Members Only)

24/7 Nurseline:  1-800-337-4770
Delta Dental:  1-888-336-8296
Member services:  1-800-552-2682
Behavioral Health/EAP:  1-855-223-9277
Coverage While Traveling (Blue Card):  1-800-810-2583
Provider Services:  1-800-553-1120
Pharmacist Questions:  1-800-922-1557

Not Enrolled?

Jeannie Jeter
Benefits Coordinator
804-633-5088 extension 1094