Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about your 2017-2018 Health insurance? Maybe your answer is here.  Please read these before contacting your benefits administrator.
Q:  When is the last day to turn in my enrollment form?
A:  August 31, 2017 for open enrollment.
Q:  When is my new coverage effective?
A:  October 1, 2017.
Q:  If I am already enrolled in the health plan with CCPS, do I need to do anything to continue coverage?
A: No.  Your coverage will continue until you change it.
Q:  If I waived coverage last year, do I have to waive it again this year?
A: No.  Your election to waive coverage will continue until you change it.
Q:  I just had a new baby.  Do I have to wait until October 1, 2017 for the insurance to cover my new baby?
A:  No.  This is a Qualifying Mid-Year Event (QME).  Please add your new baby to your coverage within 31 days of his/her birth.  Use Part 2G – Qualifying mid-year event as the reason for the change in your enrollment.  Your insurance coverage begins on the day your baby was born, and your premium will be charged for the full month.  (Sorry, but The Local Choice does not pro-rate the premium, even if the baby is born on the last day of the month.) 
Q: Where do I send my application?
A:  Please send or deliver it to the school board office.  Interoffice envelopes can be addressed as SBO/Benefits​.
Q:  May I give my form to the enrollers at the school on August 30th or 31st?
A:  No.  The enrollers are there for Mark III supplemental insurances only.
Q:  What do I check on Part 2: Reason for submitting this election request?
A:  Open Enrollment (F).
New employees who are completing the enrollment form for the first time should check
Initial Enrollment as Employee (A) and fill in the hire date (first day of work).  Your effective date will be the 1st day of the month following the day you submitted your enrollment form (within 31 days of your start date).
Q:  What is my hire date?
A:  This is the day you actually started working.  However, you do not need your hire date for open enrollment.  This is only for employees who are enrolling for the first time.
Q:  Does my current plan roll over?
A:  Yes. Your coverage will continue until you change it.
Q:  If I do not want to change anything, I don’t need to do anything, right?
A:  Correct.
Q:  Which plan do I choose, Comprehensive or Diagnostic & Preventative?
A:  Comprehensive (this is the Dental part of the plan).  
Q:  If I am enrolled in the High Deductible plan, do I pay the total cost of the doctor visits, drugs, etc., before the plan pays anything?
A:  Yes, you pay everything out of pocket until you reach your deductible.  

However, you are paying Anthem’s negotiated rates for all medical charges such as doctor visits, drugs, etc.  You will not be paying the same rate as someone who does not have insurance.

You will receive a monthly contribution into a Health Savings account to help with this cost.  Your

The Dental and Vision plans have a separate deductible or copay amount.  You do not have to meet the Health plan deductible for these services.

Q:  May I contribute money into the HSA account in addition to the money CCPS contributes?
A:  Yes.  Please ask your benefits administrator, Jeannie Jeter for an HSA Direct Deposit form.
Q:  Under the previous plan, I was covering myself and my children on the health plan, but on the dental plan, I covered my entire family.  May I use the stand-alone dental plan to cover my spouse? 
A:  Yes, you may use the stand-alone dental plan, however it may not be cost effective.  You will be required to enroll as employee and spouse, even though you are already covered on your health plan, because your spouse is not an employee of CCPS.
Q:  If I enrolled as a new employee this school year, do I have to re-enroll at open enrollment?
A:  No.  Your coverage will continue as it is unless you want to change it. 
Q:  If I waived coverage as a new employee, do I have to waive again at open enrollment?
A:  No.
Q:  How do I waive coverage?

A:  Complete Parts 1, 2 and 3 as you would to enroll.  In Part 4, check (A) I want to waive enrollment…., and fill in the requested information.